Terms of warranty
Update 01/07/2017
General information
Offered by NETMAN (NETMAN Aleksander Błyk, 31 Popularna Street, 02-473 Warsaw), the products are covered by the Producer's quality guarantee or NETMAN's guarantee (hereinafter: Guarantor) in a situation where, together with the product, the Buyer received a warranty card, or other similar document confirming the purchase of equipment, which results in ensuring the product quality and obligations of the Manufacturer or the Guarantor towards the Buyer. 

Subject of the warranty

1. The Guarantor grants to the Buyer, under the following conditions, a quality guarantee for products purchased under the Guarantor that are the subject of the sales contract. 

2. The warranty period is counted from the day the product is released to the Buyer. 

3. The brand new product is covered by a 12 or 24 month warranty. The guarantee is granted by the Guarantor or the Producer of the good. 

4. The computer equipment used is covered by a 6 or 12 month warranty, unless a specific warranty period is provided for a particular product. The guarantor offers the possibility of extending the guarantee for an additional fee. 

5. The following components are not covered by full warranty:  
a. Display (matrix)  
b. Battery 
For the above components, the warranty period is 14 days.

6. If the product has a Manufacturer's warranty, the Buyer has the right to realize claims under the quality guarantee in the first place in the manufacturer's service network. 

7. In the situation where the Buyer uses the warranty rights granted by the Manufacturer, the Guarantor is not obliged to handle complaints. 

8. The Guarantor shall not be liable for the service of the Producer's service network due to the quality guarantee granted by the Manufacturer and does not mediate in the consideration of complaints directed to the Producer and processed in his service network.

9. The guarantor, after accepting the complaint, makes a free repair or replacement of the equipment free from defects. The method of settling the complaint is decided in each case by the Guarantor. In the case of repair or replacement of equipment for a fault-free (functional) warranty period is extended by the period of repair (the product complained about remained on the site). 

10. The warranty repair period is 14 days from the date of delivery of equipment by the Buyer to the company's headquarters. In exceptional cases, this period may be extended (eg the need to send the equipment out of the Guarantor's premises, the need to import parts, etc.). The Guarantor provides the Buyer with a replacement product with identical technical parameters, if it is justified by the Buyer's needs, possible due to technical reasons and if the Guarantor has a substitute product on the site.

11. Determination of the fault occurs in the time necessary to carry out the full equipment diagnostics. 

12. The Guarantor provides the Buyer with a free courier service in the event of a defect notification by the Buyer within 14 days from the date of purchase of the equipment, if the defect occurred at a later date - the obligation to deliver the equipment passes to the Buyer. 

13. The Buyer is obliged to prepare defective shipment equipment in the original packaging or substitute packaging ensuring safe transport and storage conditions analogous to the conditions provided by the factory packaging. The equipment should be delivered together with additional equipment, or without if the Guarantor informs the Buyer about it. 

14. The basis for the settlement of claims under the guarantee is the existence of a warranty seal on the advertised product, which can not be damaged or removed in any way. 

15. The Buyer is obliged to attach the proof of purchase and a detailed description of the defect of the equipment to the advertised product. 

16. If the Buyer fails to meet the conditions of this warranty, the Guarantor reserves the right to refuse to accept the complaint. 

17. Making any repairs of the product yourself by the Buyer results in the loss of warranty rights granted by the Guarantor. 

18. Warranty rights granted by the Guarantor are not lost in the case of repair / replacement of components by a professional plant authorized to service devices of the type advertised, after presenting a document with a detailed description of the services performed approved by the stamp of the plant. 

19. If the Guarantor does not observe the provisions of these warranty terms after receiving the complaint, the Guarantor is exempt from the obligation to consider the Buyer's warranty claims. 

20. The guarantor excludes the obligation to notify in writing that warranty claims are not taken into account. In this situation, the information will be sent by phone or to the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer.

21. The product may be tested by the Guarantor to identify and locate the defect. If the tests do not demonstrate the existence of a defect indicated by the Buyer, and also do not show another defect, which is covered by the guarantee, the Guarantor reserves the right to charge for the diagnostics and expertise according to the applicable tariff of the website. 

22. In the case of advertising equipment containing the Buyer's data in memory, make a hard copy of the hard disk (data backup, backup of the disk). The guarantor is not liable for the loss of data left on the product data carriers submitted for the complaint.

23. In the event that during the warranty period the repair will be impossible to remove due to permanent damage or technological changes, the Guarantor will replace the defective product with the product that is closest to the damaged one, with no lower functional values. 

24. Warranty repair does not include the following activities: 
a) provided in the instruction manual, which the Buyer should perform on his own,  
b) referred to in point. a), which can be made for consideration at the request of the Buyer by  
the Guarantor's service. 

25. The scope of liability of the Guarantor covers only defects inherent in the product on the date of its issuance to the Buyer. In particular, the warranty does not cover defects which: 

a) have been caused by the influence of external ionizing radiation, 
magnetic field, resulting from mechanical damage, electrical surges, etc., 
b) were caused by the use, transport, storage or storage, 
cleaning or maintenance of the product in a manner inconsistent with the instructions for use, 
c) result from the use of the product together with other devices that are not intended for  
use with the product or with devices other than those recommended by the Manufacturer, 
d) result from the influence of external chemical or thermal factors, 
e) result from using the equipment against the generally accepted rules of using and using computer equipment or in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions,
f) result from a short circuit, overvoltage in the electrical installation outside the equipment, 
g) caused by flooding the equipment with any liquid or its impurities,  
h) caused by the use of chemicals for cleaning,  
i) result from operation of the equipment in extremely unfavorable conditions, e.g. pollination, very high humidity,  
j) arise from the use of incorrectly installed or installed without the appropriate license or faulty computer programs,  
k) were caused by damage, violation or removal of serial numbers or other markings enabling identification of equipment or covering them in any way that prevents identification, 
l) were caused by incorrect assembly, despite providing the Buyer with the instructions for assembly of the product. 

Loss of warranty rights

1. Total loss of warranty rights occurs in the event of breaking, destruction of warranty stickers, or sticking the own seal by the Buyer on the Guarantor's warranty sticker in a way that prevents its reading. 

2. Loss of warranty rights also causes packaging and transport of equipment, in a manner allowing its damage. 

3. Repair or replacement of device components by the Buyer or persons not authorized to perform such activities. 

Limitation of the liability of the Guarantor

1. The warranty does not cover data on storage media,  

2. Responsibility for the actual damage and lost benefits of the Buyer resulting from the need to return the equipment for repair, 

3. Responsibility for the damage of the Buyer resulting from the delay in performing the warranty repair. 

4. The Guarantor reserves the right to charge for storage of equipment received after one month from the date of repair. 

5. If it is determined that the reported defect does not occur, the Guarantor reserves the right to issue an invoice for the equipment diagnostics. 

6. The document authorizing the receipt of the advertised product from the Guarantor's website is the original application form received on the complaint form or another document confirming the purchase of the equipment. 

7. The guarantee granted by the Guarantor for the product does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Buyer resulting from the incompliance of the goods with the contract. 

8. The period of warranty if the Buyer uses used equipment is 12 months.