Purchase of IT equipment

Due to the rapid development of technology, the software requires more and more performance from computers, which is why from time to time large companies exchange old computers for newer devices. And then the problem arises: What to do with this large amount of used obsolete IT equipment?

Old computers are a problem especially for companies that, for security reasons and legal regulations related to the protection of personal data, can not simply throw them into the bin. It is known, on the discs of computers are, after all, contain valuable data that should not fall into the wrong hands. What to do? Contact us!

From 2012. we buy buys (used computers, monitors, laptops, smartphones, printers, televisions, etc.). Our offer is directed to companies and institutions. We have our own transport which will pick up the equipment from the customer. We are one of the largest recipients of poleasing equipment in Poland.

The IT equipment received from our clients is subjected to irreversible destruction of data, after which it is checked for technical and visual reasons, and finally the final valuation of the equipment to the customer is sent. 
Please be advised that the minimum amount of equipment must be 10pcs. 

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