We have been operating for over 7 years.

Hundreds of clients have trusted us.

Warranty 12 months

All goods offered by us are covered by the guarantee. Terms of warranty

Technical assistance

Our clients can always count on our help during and after the warranty.

Additional protection

We offer an extension of the guarantee up to 24 months at a price of 10% of the value of the goods. Terms and conditions available in our regulations.

14 days for return

Missed purchase? You have the right to return the laptop or computer you purchased without stating the reason within 14 days.

Why our computers?

  • Our computers and laptops as brand new cost around  3-4 times more.
  • Poleasing does not mean worn out. Post-leasing computers are in perfect technical condition.
  • Typically, our computers are used no more than 12 months.
  • Post-leasing laptops offered by us is a much better choice than used computers from reliable sources.
  • You do not have to worry about your computer. With us you will receive a 12-month warranty.